Wood Woses MC was founded in Skövde in 1985. The name came from the gothic tales of savages who were exiled out into the wilderness.

In the end of the 80´s parties were organised with a nearby garage, which resulted in that some of them were selected for a membership. During this time the club became more organized and adopted rules according to old Swedish biker tradition. Runs and parties were organized, other events too.

In 1992, the landlord started to complain about having a motorcycle club on their premises, so Wood Woses MC was exiled. In 1993, the plans were in motion to get our own place.

In the spring of 1994, an old office was bought and the renovation begun. Floors were painted and a bar was constructed.

At the same time, a “open house” was arranged for the neighbourhood. A event that was so successful that it was the start of an annual Motorcycle exhibit, which were to last for many years, but is now ended.

In late 2014, plans were made and a new renovation of the clubhouse was started. During that winter and spring, we knocked down the bar, laid wooden floors and constructed a new bar. 

See you on the road.